contratista de perforación en Bogotá

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Carrera 16 74, 111311 Bogotá, Colombia

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Perfotecnica S.A.S

Carrera 71c 63-19, 111061 Bogotá, Colombia

Ingeniería de punta en Instalación de Ductos

Nabors Drilling

Calle 72 Bis 61, 110231 Bogotá, Colombia

From automated rig components to integrated drilling solutions, Nabors provides the latest innovative technologies that are changing the way wells are drilled.

Its Energy Services

Calle 98 2150, 110221 Bogotá, Colombia

We are a technically innovative company providing worldwide drilling services, rental tools and project management, including rig design, construction and operations management. Parker's rental t…


Avenida Carrera 9 113-52, 110111 Bogotá, Colombia

Empresa Didrillsa LTDA

Carrera 3b 63-60, 110231 Bogotá, Colombia

Independence Drilling

Avenida Calle 100 7a33, 110111 Bogotá, Colombia

Kluane Colombia

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